Ingredients:   2 lbs. skinless, boneless ORGANIC chicken thighs 1 container of organic Panko or Italian breadcrumbs (buy 2 if the container is small) 4 organic eggs 1 cup of organic extra virgin olive oil … Read More


INGREDIENTS—All Organic—serves 8 as a side-dish, 6 as a main course. 2 Yukon Yellow potatoes 2 red potatoes 2 medium Ruby Yams 1 cup fresh broccoli florets 1 cup Lacinato (i.e. “dino-”) kale 4 whole … Read More

Piquant Salmon & Vegetables

Preferably wild-caught salmon with all organic vegetables, herbs, spices and other ingredients. Excellent with organic brown Basmati rice. Yields four portions of salmon and several additional portions of the vegetable mix, which can be incorporated … Read More

Baked Chicken In Exotic Herbs-&-Spices Sauce

Ingredients: (all organic ingredients suggested for optimum flavor & nutritional value) 1 pound of chicken ‘tenders’ (the soft inner part of breast—boneless) 2 whole legs—skins removed & drumsticks cut from thighs 1 cup extra virgin … Read More

Baked, Ground Turkey Loaf

Ingredients (all organic recommended): 1 and a ½ pound fresh-ground turkey breast 1 small (or medium sized if you prefer more) red (or yellow) onion 5 cloves of garlic (more if you prefer stronger garlic … Read More

Baked Ground Chicken Breast Loaf

NOTE: The one-and-half-pounds of ground chicken breast and other ingredients in this recipe provide about 6 to 8 or more portions (depending on portion sizes)—and since dish keeps well in the fridge for 10 or … Read More

Stove-Top Cooked Salmon (or other fish):

NOTE: (1) With soap and water, wash sink, hands and every object that has come into contact with raw fish, to avoid cross-contamination with salmonella or other food-borne bacteria. (2) Adjust ingredients according to number … Read More

Ground Turkey (or Chicken) Breast Loaf

We highly recommend using all organic ingredients for this versatile and economical dish, which keeps well in the refrigerator for at least 10 days. It is equally delicious right out of the oven or reheated … Read More