Whether you are the kind of cook who prefers to follow recipes, or merely to use them as triggers for improvised creations, you will find plenty of mouthwatering selections in the FreeRangeClub’s versatile Recipés With Pizzazz.

Foolishly, we set out to please all taste buds and accommodate all cooking styles. Toward that goal, we are listing well-tested recipes that cater equally to the risk-averse who prefer following precise measurements and proportions; the improvisers who relish experimenting with substitutions; the ‘minimalists’ who like to focus on two or three food items at a time; and to members of the “everything- including- the- kitchen-sink school of cooking.”
Recipes flagged with the JAZZ emblem lend themselves to improvisations by cooks with a flair for reinventing familiar dishes by combining different flavors and ingredients. They are like jazz musicians, skilled at riffing on familiar melodies to create new versions of them.“Minimalist” dishes are flagged as MIN. And the ‘…kitchen-sink’ crowd’s all-in-one meals (such as stews, soups and casseroles) are marked with K-SINK.There is no statistical data about how many cooks fit into one category or another, but there is anecdotal evidence that a fair number are change-up artists in the kitchen, careening from MIN. to K-SINK to JAZZ. And since variety ads spice to life, that’s a good thing… In addition to their timesaving quality, K-SINK dishes also keep well for longer periods (7 to 10 days) in the refrigerator, and their flavors become richer every day. What’s more, these all-in-one meals are economical, packed with nutrition, favored by working parents and most children.
For super-busy people who want to stay healthy and fit, we are posting dishes highlighted as “Quick-&-Easy” (Q & E) —which accurately describes the minimal time and work it takes to prepare them.

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