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Healthy Eating Tips — (by Researcher: — writer/journalist, Dina Eliash Robinson) —
Dina is an award winning journalist. She has had many hats, including war correspondent, travel writer, senior editor for a major business publication in New York City, and also has run her own public
relations and marketing company.

The Kitchen Shrink

Stress-Free Cooking ( by Chef – Food Historian: “Your Kitchen Shrink” —a.k.a. syndicated food columnist Catharine L. Kaufman) — — dedicated to simplifying life for the multitasking crowd. For years “Your Kitchen Shrink” has been transforming even cooking-averse people of all ages into celebrity chefs (at least within their own family and/or social circles) with her delectable and easily prepared recipes. What’s more, since each of the FreeRangeClub recipes is prefaced by a fascinating, often humorous, historical anecdote, your cooking laurels will be further burnished with the sparkle of mealtime conversations. For the faint of heart: Look for Your Kitchen Shrink’s tips on how to turn culinary disasters into triumphs.
Catharine is a full time devoted chef to critical young patrons (her two daughters), and the most demanding palate, the big kid (her husband), and a Del Mar resident.


Our Blogmeister

Lew copyRather than change careers, as most people tend to do, Lewis Robinson added that of Blog Master and Website Designer to his long and illustrious career as an internationally renowned Antiques and Fine Art Dealer and Appraiser.
Entirely self-taught in Internet technology, our “Blog Meister” continues to learn and reveal his ‘techie’ talent as he develops our FreeRangeClub blog, and the www.Peace-Talk.com website he had designed and been managing for several years.
(The latter is a popular site dealing with conflict resolution and interpersonal communications skills. It is also another collaborative effort between our “Blog Meister,” Lewis, and PEACETALK™ developer / instructor—and this blog’s Editor in Chief—Dina Eliash Robinson. Both FreeRange Club and PEACETALK™ are roadmaps to healthy, well-lived lives. )

Ideas and Graphics

GIRAFFE Agenda — (depicted by Logo-Master: “Zany Babe”—a.k.a. graphic designer and wellspring of ideas, Dalia B. Tepper) — aims to separate fact from hype, while collecting, fact-checking, interpreting and reporting information about the safety and health-effects of our food supplies.

2 Comments on “About Us”

  1. Hey guys,

    The site looks great! I wish you and Lewis the best on it. It was wonderful meeting you both last night at the SD Press Club. I’m going to use this website as a resource for my patients.

    Best of luck,

    Dr. Matt

  2. Hi Lew and Dina- I thoroughly read and enjoyed your blog today. So much good info and direction to good health. I am quite impressed with Lew’s mastering of his BlogMiester skills. The site looks great. And, Dina, your journalistic skills forever are impressive and can’t be overlooked as well. You can really lay down the words in an understandable manner and yet we can smell the essence of the story. Bravi!!

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