2 lbs. skinless, boneless ORGANIC chicken thighs

1 container of organic Panko or Italian breadcrumbs (buy 2 if the container is small)

4 organic eggs

1 cup of organic extra virgin olive oil

½ cup of organic, unsweetened almond milk

Herbs & Spices—quantities to be adjusted for personal preference

2/3 – cup of dry organic parsley

2/3 – cup of dry organic basil

2/3 – cup of dry organic Tarragon

1 – tablespoon organic garlic powder

2 – tablespoons dried organic onion chips

2 – tablespoons organic sweet red paprika

1 – teaspoon organic powdered ginger

1 – pinch or tip of knife organic Cayenne pepper powder

¼ –  teaspoon powdered organic rosemary

1 & ½ – teaspoon powdered organic Turmeric

1 – tablespoon organic Balsamic vinegar

1 – tablespoon organic Worcestershire sauce

Salt—preferably pink Himalayan—to taste, or none



  • Place the largest Pyrex baking dish you have on the counter—if it looks too small to accommodate the entire amount of chicken thighs you are preparing, use a second or even a third baking dish; while Pyrex glass is preferred, stainless steel baking dish is also acceptable


  • Coat bottom & all sides of the baking dish (or dishes) liberally with ½ a cup of olive oil—use more if needed–& set aside


  • Rinse chicken thighs thoroughly in cold water & put them into large glass bowl


  • On wood cutting board, with a sharp knife, cut up chicken thighs into halves or thirds, one by one, returning them to the bowl when done—set aside


  • In another large bowl, combine & whip up: eggs, ½ cup olive oil, all the almond milk, all the herbs & spices
  • Onto a large, flat dinner plate & pour half the container of the breadcrumbs, heaping it into a mound


  • Using a large pair of tongs (the kind used for outdoor barbecue), take each piece of chicken, dip it into the whipped egg combination until it is thoroughly coated


  • Shake off excess egg combo & transfer chicken to the breadcrumbs & cover it well until no previous dip shows


  • Shake off excess breadcrumbs & place chicken piece into one corner of the baking dish—


  • Repeat until all the pieces are thoroughly coated with egg combo & breadcrumbs & place into baking dish (or dishes)


  • Spray with a small amount of olive oil


  • Heat up oven to 400 degrees & put chicken in—set timer to 45 minutes but keep checking by cutting into the thickest piece of chicken to see if it’s fully cooked & soft enough to fall apart in the mouth (mostly because there tend to be differences in the way some ovens heat up or how hot they get).

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