Two Desserts Prepped In Tandem/Fast & Easy Jazz Cooking

Improvised by Dina Eliash Robinson Save time and energy by whipping up two (organic) desserts from a single source—one quick-boiled fruit Compote (i.e. cold-eaten fruit ‘soup’), the other a baked fruit Strudel—ingredients selected, measured and … Read More

Winter Energy Soup

(1) Vegan and (2) A Meal-In-One With Protein Vegan Vegetable Soup Jazz Cooking: Let the Wild Cook inside you loose in the kitchen, unleash your culinary instinct and enjoy this exercise in creative freedom. All … Read More


By Catharine L. Kaufman (a.k.a. The Kitchen Shrink) Some of San Diego’s Best Bites Operating way below its potential for years in San Diego’s centrally located University Town Center area, equidistant from North County and … Read More

Eating Smart!

by Dina Eliash Robinson • Who Needs Fluorides? Keep your teeth cavity-free with organic pomegranate juice. In addition to antioxidants, this exotic fruit also packs polyphenol, mighty killer of the Streptococcus mutans bacteria which is … Read More


By Dina Eliash Robinson If you like to snack on crunchy raw root vegetables, you’ll probably forsake most others in favor of a few satisfying bites of the delicious jicama—preferably grown in organic soil and … Read More

Improvised Eggplant & Veggies Ratatouille

This Jazz Cooking-style recipe is a culinary improvisation inspired by the limited and quite odd assortment of vegetables that were available on a recent August day during our latest visit to an organic farm we … Read More

Cranberries—Mighty Little Healing Powerhouse

By Catharine Kaufman (a.k.a. The Kitchen Shrink) Cheers to the power of small things! To autumn’s jewel-like cranberries that pack as much super-food punch in their ruby-red spheres as do blueberries and their other Lilliputian … Read More

Daily Eating Habits of Famous Athletes

by Lewis Robinson      • Novak Djokovic, born in Serbia, in 1987, is the 2019 reigning champion of Wimbeldon as well as the highest ranked tennis player in the world. He credits his super-nutritious, … Read More