Baked Potato & Mushroom Casserole

Jazz Cooking For Creative Foodies Who Love To Improvise You will notice that this is a differently written recipe, in that it only approximates or suggests quantities of ingredients, baking time and number of portions. … Read More


by Dina Eliash Robinson For best advice to prevent and lessen the pain and other symptoms of shingles—which, as you probably know, is triggered by the reawakening of temporarily dormant varicella-zoster virus that had originally … Read More

A third-time recipient of this annual honor, Dina Eliash Robinson—co-founder, Editor in Chief and Researcher of—received this year’s (2020) Excellence in Journalism Award for her timely and in-depth report about immune-boosting and anti-viral foods that help protect … Read More


Since the following is one of our ‘Jazz’ (i.e. improvised) recipes, its herbs-and-spices flavoring can be adjusted to please your taste. (Lemon Chicken, quinoa, mixed green vegetables and leafy greens-all organic)   PREP: Wash sink … Read More

Unique Farm Feeds Body And Soul—At Low Cost

By Dina Eliash Robinson (Photos by Coastal Roots Farm) Bathed in the peach-colored Southern California sunlight, the Coastal Roots Farm sells its fresh-picked organic produce to the public on Thursdays and Sundays for whatever buyers … Read More

Two Desserts Prepped In Tandem/Fast & Easy Jazz Cooking

Improvised by Dina Eliash Robinson Save time and energy by whipping up two (organic) desserts from a single source—one quick-boiled fruit Compote (i.e. cold-eaten fruit ‘soup’), the other a baked fruit Strudel—ingredients selected, measured and … Read More

Winter Energy Soup

(1) Vegan and (2) A Meal-In-One With Protein Vegan Vegetable Soup Jazz Cooking: Let the Wild Cook inside you loose in the kitchen, unleash your culinary instinct and enjoy this exercise in creative freedom. All … Read More