by Dina Eliash Robinson For best advice to prevent and lessen the pain and other symptoms of shingles—which, as you probably know, is triggered by the reawakening of temporarily dormant varicella-zoster virus that had originally … Read More

A third-time recipient of this annual honor, Dina Eliash Robinson—co-founder, Editor in Chief and Researcher of—received this year’s (2020) Excellence in Journalism Award for her timely and in-depth report about immune-boosting and anti-viral foods that help protect … Read More


Since the following is one of our ‘Jazz’ (i.e. improvised) recipes, its herbs-and-spices flavoring can be adjusted to please your taste. (Lemon Chicken, quinoa, mixed green vegetables and leafy greens-all organic)   PREP: Wash sink … Read More

Unique Farm Feeds Body And Soul—At Low Cost

By Dina Eliash Robinson (Photos by Coastal Roots Farm) Bathed in the peach-colored Southern California sunlight, the Coastal Roots Farm sells its fresh-picked organic produce to the public on Thursdays and Sundays for whatever buyers … Read More

Two Desserts Prepped In Tandem/Fast & Easy Jazz Cooking

Improvised by Dina Eliash Robinson Save time and energy by whipping up two (organic) desserts from a single source—one quick-boiled fruit Compote (i.e. cold-eaten fruit ‘soup’), the other a baked fruit Strudel—ingredients selected, measured and … Read More

Winter Energy Soup

(1) Vegan and (2) A Meal-In-One With Protein Vegan Vegetable Soup Jazz Cooking: Let the Wild Cook inside you loose in the kitchen, unleash your culinary instinct and enjoy this exercise in creative freedom. All … Read More