Dear Readers,  We passionately wish we had the medical and other expertise needed to provide more help in the diagnosis and treatment of the heartbreaking pain of shingles and some other undiagnosed health problems you have been describing in your comments to this site. Perhaps, where we are unable to provide useful information, some of you will find it from others who have similar difficulties. We will try doing our part by sharing with you (only) information in which we have full confidence about solutions our research and decades of first-hand experience have yielded:
(1)  Our advice is based on in-depth-researched articles posted earlier on this site at, which provide information about prevention, as well as about some palliative solutions for pain management and healing.
(2) Taking the oral homeopathic remedy ARNICA does diminish (or stop) the pain caused by shingles after a few days—as it also does in some other panful conditions. Both our research and personal experience shows that in addition to the oral homeopathic remedy ARNICA, there are three Arnica remedies available in Cream, Gel and Ointment products.
• The Arnica Cream is an excellent healer of affected areas where the skin is NOT broken, when it is applied at least three or four times a day, consistently, for a week or two.
• The Arnica Gel, applied two or three times a day for up to 10 days can help dry and heal open lesions—although we do advise paying close attention and if it causes a burning sensation or the gel does not begin to show some real results of healing within two or three days, its application should be discontinued.
• Arnica Ointment is less helpful against shingles because its thicker substance is absorbed more slowly into the skin—although its healing effect can be more lasting since it stays on the affected area longer. Downside: The Ointment leaves an oily residue on clothes.
(3) Your comments include a wide variety of symptoms, for some of which you have consulted medical doctors and in one case, engaged the help of a chiropractor—but none of these consultations have resulted in either correct diagnosis or treatments. Our advice—based on years of relentless research and first-hand experience—is to never give up the search for solutions. 
(4) Remember that healing is both science and art-—it’s why they call it the Healing Arts—and, therefore, it is worth continuing to search for one of those rare doctors or holistic health  practitioners who have natural talent and great intuition for diagnosing not only for symptoms and the disease, but for its underlying causes. Such talented and intuitive professionals are also the most able to offer or prescribe the most effective therapies and supplements that will heal them. Diagnostic ability is similar to an astute detective’s sixth sense for solving crimes. Ability to select the appropriate therapy (from acupuncture to surgery) and up-to-date knowledge about vitamins and/or other supplements to choose the right ones for the patient, is the second most  important skill of a health practitioner.
Caveat: Since all pharmaceutical medications contain some toxic elements and have side-effects—-some of which can either make a condition worse or clear up one problem while triggering another—we recommend, at least to start with, making sure the health provider prescribes  top-quality, plant-based (non-synthetic) supplements and/or homeopathic remedies, not pharmaceutical drugs. Homeopathic remedies (by BOIRON, for example) are 100% free of side-effects. Safe supplements—-NOT the over-the-counter kinds sold in drugstores or supermarkets, most of which contain toxic chemicals and are made with synthetic components—should be prescribed and purchased only through certified healthcare providers (mostly holistic practitioners). It is never safe to self-medicate, not even with vitamins and supplements, which can also be either harmful when not  correctly selected for the patient or condition or a complete waste of money.
My family and I have been fortunate to find in our community both a chiropractor and a doctor of Oriental Medicine who have kept us healthy for several decades. We suggest you ask for referrals—but only from people you trust and who pursue healthy lifestyles.
Since this site reflects thousands of hours dedicated to in-depth research and fact-checking, we can, with all confidence recommend it as a source of reliable information about safe and healthy nutrition and a guide to foods that effectively prevent and heal certain diseases or biological weaknesses.
Our “how-to” segments include practical advice on economic grocery shopping, cleaning and storing foods to prevent waste and a sizable library of tasty and ‘quick-and-easy-to-prepare’ recipes.
You will also find this site to be an excellent tutorial for food safety and healthy nutrition that supports mind and body and provides up to date information about immune-boosting and virus-fighting foods that help protect us from pathogens (like COVID-19, see and other environmental and biological dangers.
Wishing you good health,
Dina Eliash Robinson, Researcher and Editor in Chief


  1. I had shingles that weren’t treated.
    I have had them for 4 years now and it feels as if they have gotten into my nervous system. There is a feeling of electricity under my skin from my neck down to my foot on the left side and from my right lower leg to my foot continuously with a strong buzz on the left side to the point where the left side of my body feels paralyzed. Can Homeopathic Medicine help?

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