Laughter Helps The Veggies Go Down

By Dina Eliash Robinson Our (FRC) partner and nationally syndicated food columnist, Catharine Kaufman—known and celebrated as The Kitchen Shrink—raised and fed healthy fare to her two previously vegetable-averse daughters (and, in no small … Read More

Sweet & Sour Kale Delight

Ingredients (all organic preferred to avoid toxic pesticides & other residues): = 1 bunch of kale— “Rainbow Kale” (with the colorful spines & stems, is tasty, healthy & more delicate, while the very dark green … Read More

Baked Chicken In Exotic Herbs-&-Spices Sauce

Ingredients: (all organic ingredients suggested for optimum flavor & nutritional value) 1 pound of chicken ‘tenders’ (the soft inner part of breast—boneless) 2 whole legs—skins removed & drumsticks cut from thighs 1 cup extra virgin … Read More

Frozen Berry Smoothie—Low-Cal Supercharger

Satisfy your craving for frozen dessert with a delicious, super-nutritious—yet amazingly low calorie—treat, which takes minutes to whip up and keeps its fresh flavor indefinitely in the freezer. Smoothie can also be stored un-frozen on … Read More

Flaky Apple Strudel

Ingredients (organics preferred—but you are free to adjust ingredients, proportions and measurements to your pleasure, creativity and taste): A box of frozen, Organic Filo Dough (sold at Whole Foods and elsewhere) 6-8 medium size apples—Fuji, … Read More

Butternut Squash Soup

The following basic, simplified recipe awaits your additions and imaginative improvisation. Enjoy! Ingredients: 1 large butternut squash 1/3 red onion 4-5 cloves of garlic (depending on clove sizes) ¼ cup of good quality, extra virgin … Read More

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

NOTE: The Chia Pudding has to be prepared ahead of time and needs a good night’s sleep in the refrigerator before serving. Although Mason Jars seem to be the rage these days everything from shot … Read More

Flash-Cooked Gazpacho

  If you decide to make a larger amount of cold summer Gazpacho soup—either to keep it fresh in the refrigerator up to 10-12 days and ready to dip into it whenever you or your … Read More

Mixed Fruit Pie

Ingredients: (organics preferred—but you are free to adjust ingredients, proportions and measurements to your creativity and taste): Buy frozen “Organic, Whole Wheat, 9” Pie Shells” (they come 2 per package—refreeze the one you do not … Read More