by Dina Eliash Robinson
For best advice to prevent and lessen the pain and other symptoms of shingles—which, as you probably know, is triggered by the reawakening of temporarily dormant varicella-zoster virus that had originally caused a person’s (probably childhood) chicken pox— click on my in-depth researched article,, (posted on our ‘healthy nutrition’ website, The article provides advice about foods that have been proven to prevent and lessen the pain and symptoms of shingles.
If you need more information, please contact me by email, <[email protected]>—include your phone number— and I will schedule and call you for a FREE phone consultation. Be prepared for specific questions about your health and lifestyle habits, which will provide me with information needed for best advice.
In the meantime, use the appropriate ARNICA product recommended here for the specific type of symptom in each case.
INFORMATION: Arnica is a healing and pain-relieving homeopathic remedy. It comes in both oral and topical (applied on the skin) products. Like all homeopathic remedies, it has absolutely NO side-effects and it is safe to take and/or apply repeatedly. Decades after European and other countries have included it in their home remedies for injuries and pain, more and more practitioners of modern (allopathic) medicine in the US, from doctors to nurses, have become familiar with the healing qualities of Arnica.
Also, like all oral homeopathic remedies, Arnica tablets have to be taken AWAY from foods and/or liquids other than water—i.e. 20 minutes after food or any liquid other than water has been in the mouth; and 20 minutes after the Arnica tablets (which are taken under the tongue, ’sublingually’) have been completely dissolved and swallowed with the dissolving saliva.
Topical Applications: IF the shingles appears as open sores or skin eruptions, gently apply ARNICA GEL lotion onto the affected area several times a day. IF the shingles attack is painful but had not broken the skin, ARNICA CREAM applied gently onto the affected area(s) several times a day is recommended. IF the shingles attack is painful but shows up only as inflamed skin redness and tenderness, ARNICA OINTMENT can be helpful—its advantage is that it stays longer on the skin and does not need to be re-applied after one application. The downside is that it tends to show up on clothing as grease stains.
 In addition to topical applications in all cases, taking Arnica tablets orally as advised above helps the healing process during and after a shingles attack.
IN SEVERE CASES, such as repeated shingles attacks, a serious investigation of causes is recommended. Food or environmental allergies or other auto-immune or general immune-system problems might be the triggers. it would be smart and prudent to consult an immunology specialist or other medical expert.
Hope there are some helpful nuggets in the above and as suggested, please feel free to contact me, if needed, for more information and possible brainstorming of more health-focused ‘detective work.’

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