Cranberries—Mighty Little Healing Powerhouse

By Catharine Kaufman (a.k.a. The Kitchen Shrink) Cheers to the power of small things! To autumn’s jewel-like cranberries that pack as much super-food punch in their ruby-red spheres as do blueberries and their other Lilliputian … Read More

Sweet-and-Sour Beets and Celery Root

Ingredients: 3 good size beets–including their green leaves stripped from stems 1 large celery root ½ large red onion (or yellow onion if preferred) ½ cup olive oil 6-8 fresh basil leaves—or 1 tablespoon dry … Read More

Steamed Baby Broccoli (Broccoli Rabe)

Ingredients: 1 bunch fresh, organic broccoli rabe (also known as broccolini) 5 leaves of fresh basil—or 1 tablespoon dry basil 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce (or 1 teaspoon soy sauce if you prefer) ¼ teaspoon dry … Read More

Pomegranate, The Wonderful Super Fruit

By Dina Eliash Robinson The aptly named California-grown variety of  “Wonderful” pomegranate has earned its super fruit moniker by holding within its dark, purple-red skin a bounty of disease-fighting and health-supporting compounds. What’s more, while … Read More

A Squash Smorgasbord From Acorn To Zucchini

By Catharine L. Kaufman—a.k.a. The Kitchen Shrink Brilliant harvest colors light up the fall and winter months with riotous foliage in woods and gardens and a mouthwatering cornucopia of fruits and vegetables spilling from bins … Read More