Pomegranate, The Wonderful Super Fruit

By Dina Eliash Robinson

The aptly named California-grown variety of  “Wonderful” pomegranate has earned its super fruit moniker by holding within its dark, purple-red skin a bounty of disease-fighting and health-supporting compounds. What’s more, while other fruits only possess two of the three main polyphenols—tannins anthocyanins and allergic acid—the pomegranate is the only one that contains all three. It is also rich in vitamins A, C and E, as well as in folic acid, potassium and fiber.

Piled high on produce shelves, this exotic fruit—hailing from ancient Persia to Himalayan North India—appears throughout the West Coast in late November, where it is the first to herald the approaching winter festivities with its Christmas tree ornament looks.

Although the pomegranate’s healing qualities have been well known for millennia, they seem to have recently gained the kind of attention that is usually reserved for new, not “re-“ discoveries. In fact, a handful of those qualities have been lab-tested and found to be of such importance, that the crimson globe’s fame is approaching superstar levels as:

• a cancer-fighting food that contains three times more antioxidants than any other known fruit—especially effective in preventing prostate and breast cancers;

• an excellent protector of the cardiovascular system against heart disease, high blood pressure and (bad) LDL cholesterol;

• a powerful promoter of easy blood circulation—which helps prevent strokes and alleviate erectile dysfunction;

• an anti-diabetes and weight-loss aid—packing a mere 105 calories and small amount of healthy sugar in a medium size pomegranate;

• an anti-inflammatory fighter of colds and throat soreness;

• an immune system booster;

• a remedy for stomach pain, diarrhea and other related discomfort;

• a better reducer of dental plaque than fluoride (minus the latter chemical’s toxicity) and excellent prevention against gum disease; and

• an anti-aging, skin-smoothing powerhouse.



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  1. Great article. I love hearing about super fruits and their benefits. I tried a drink by the name of Go Yin and it changed my life, so much so that I’ve made it my second job sharing it with others. It has twenty super fruits, but I’m not sure if pomegranate is one of them. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for a wealth of knowledge!

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