Steamed Baby Broccoli (Broccoli Rabe)


1 bunch fresh, organic broccoli rabe (also known as broccolini)

5 leaves of fresh basil—or 1 tablespoon dry basil

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce (or 1 teaspoon soy sauce if you prefer)

¼ teaspoon dry rosemary

1 and ½ cup spring water (more added if needed)

1-2 carrots (optional)

 Prep & Steam

1)    Wash broccoli as shown in our Save Water, Health and Time post (find it in green Search box).

2)    On a cutting board, cut and discard about ¼ inch off stem ends.

3)    Slice stems (into about quarter- to half-inch pieces) and place in stainless steel cooking pot. (If you add carrots to this dish, slice them somewhat thinner or shred them in food processor.)

4)    Add hand-torn or sliced fresh basil leaves (or dry basil) and the rest of the ingredients.

5)    Cover and steam on low heat—adding small amounts of water if needed—until broccoli rabe is cooked to crunchy, al dente consistency.

Serve as part of a vegetarian meal or as side dish to any main course. Tastes great both hot and cold. Flavor and texture hold up when reheated or refrigerated for up to 8-10 days. 

 Use organic ingredients whenever possible—they taste better, are certainly best for your health and appearance and all things considered, are even more economical.

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