Quinoa—An Ancient “Staff Of Life”

By Catharine L. Kaufman (a.k.a. The Kitchen Shrink) It’s a seed! It’s a protein! It’s SUPERFOOD! Imagine unpacking and listing the nutritional contents of a plant consisting of edible leaves and clusters of seeds commonly … Read More


INGREDIENTS—All Organic—serves 8 as a side-dish, 6 as a main course. 2 Yukon Yellow potatoes 2 red potatoes 2 medium Ruby Yams 1 cup fresh broccoli florets 1 cup Lacinato (i.e. “dino-”) kale 4 whole … Read More

On The Road

Tasty, Portable Foods that Keep Travelers Alert and Energized   By Dina Eliash Robinson If you have ever wondered why we need rest and recovery after even the least active vacation, consider how mentally and … Read More

Baked Ground Chicken Breast Loaf

NOTE: The one-and-half-pounds of ground chicken breast and other ingredients in this recipe provide about 6 to 8 or more portions (depending on portion sizes)—and since dish keeps well in the fridge for 10 or … Read More

Steamed Baby Broccoli (Broccoli Rabe)

Ingredients: 1 bunch fresh, organic broccoli rabe (also known as broccolini) 5 leaves of fresh basil—or 1 tablespoon dry basil 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce (or 1 teaspoon soy sauce if you prefer) ¼ teaspoon dry … Read More

Herbed, Baked Potato And Garnet Yam Combo

Ingredients: 6 medium size potatoes—we find Yukon Gold most delicious for this recipe, but other kinds of spuds are good, too. 1 large Garnet Yam ½ cup olive oil ½ tablespoon dry basil ½ tablespoon … Read More

Claire’s on Cedros

Claire’s on Cedros Bakery and Café 246 North Cedros Solana Beach, CA 92075 Phone: 858-259-8597 Claires on Cedros Serves Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch Hours: Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Saturday, Sunday … Read More

Stove-Top Cooked Salmon (or other fish):

NOTE: (1) With soap and water, wash sink, hands and every object that has come into contact with raw fish, to avoid cross-contamination with salmonella or other food-borne bacteria. (2) Adjust ingredients according to number … Read More