Congress Votes To Repeal Mandated Labeling Of Meat Products, Blocking Consumers’ Ability To Make Healthy Food Choices May 2015— It took more than a decade to pass and include in the 2008 Farm Bill the … Read More

Nutrition Education in Medical Schools

Congress Tackles Nutrition Studies As Medical Tool With ENRICH ACT By Dina Eliash Robinson With a proposed $15 million grant to fund it, the bipartisan “Expanding Nutrition’s Role in Curricula & Healthcare” (ENRICH ACT—H.R. 1411) bill … Read More

More Food Tips (Part II)

By Catharine L. Kaufman—a.k.a. The Kitchen Shrink  Hello again, fellow foodies! Here is the second batch of 10 tried and true food handling, storing and cooking tips for your collection. Some of these I stumbled … Read More

Short Takes

Australian Scientists Breed Non-GM Durum Wheat In Salty Soil Leading the world from Down Under, scientists at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Research Institute in New South Wales responded to the encroaching salinity caused by … Read More

SHORT TAKES: Grapefruit Alert

 A bewildered e-mail from the owner of a prolific grapefruit tree asking us for recipes and other uses for his overabundant crop, is prompting this reminder of the potential health hazards posed by this otherwise … Read More

Organics–What’s So Special?

by Dina Eliash Robinson Who knew that going from ‘farming’ to ‘agribusiness’ would end up poisoning consumers and polluting the environment? A perfect case of good intentions paving the road to… well, you know… Because … Read More

SHORT TAKES: Toxic Pine Nuts From China

Consider yourself lucky if a nasty taste is all that you have suffered after eating pesto, salad or other foods containing pine nuts. At least you’re not alone. Thousands of consumers in the U.S., Europe and … Read More

Safe & Tasty Choices in Fish & Seafood

By Catharine L. Kaufman—a.k.a. The Kitchen Shrink When I was pregnant, the local fishmonger refused to sell me swordfish, explaining that this humungous, bottom feeding creature was loaded with mercury and PCBs. My subsequent research … Read More