Urban Organic Farming

FreeRangeClub.com has brought out the importance of the ongoing urban organic farming movement in articles and videos. Colleges, High Schools and, even the Boys and Girls Clubs of America have planted organic gardens and instituted programs to teach their students to grow, cook and eat foods made with organic vegetables, herbs and fruits.

This movement has extended to the adult population, and particularly to marginalized urban neighborhoods, where fast foods have been the food of choice, and fruits and vegetables have not been an important staple of their diet.

We would like to point out an article from the San Jose Journal, reprinted in the New York Times, which talks of how a nonprofit group is helping families in low income, mostly Latino neighborhoods of San Jose, California grow their own organic produce.

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  1. I met you at whole foods today. We have a local farm to table restaurant that just opened in Hillcrest called Local Habit. We are at 3827 5th Avenue, SD, CA 92103. Hope to see you there. Also my sister and I have a really huge organic urban garden and we are fighting to make backyard chickens legal with no restrictions in SD. Contact my sister Rachel for more info at [email protected].

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