Sweet Potato Is Not Yam—Mystery Solved

A tip of the hat from one writer to another…

by Dina Eliash Robinson

At last! The father-son team of John and Ocean Robbins, founders of the FoodRevolution.org website Food Revolution Network, who fill it day in and day out with valuable information about food and the connection between health and nutrition, finally put an end to the mystery of a long-perpetrated ‘mistaken identity’ by grocery stores that continue to miss-label sweet potatoes as yams.

Wish I had written their recently posted, well-researched and enlightening blog about the subject… But at least, I can pay homage to their conscientious work and fine writing by publishing a link to it, so you, too, our valued FreeRangeClub.com community of foodies, can enjoy it, and maybe even show off a bit to your fellow foodies with this information, when you skillfully bring up the topic during your conversations.

See Ocean Robbins’ article: 
Are Sweet Potatoes Good For You

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