Golden Gazpacho – the Liquid Salad (Cold)

During a visit in the south of Spain, the Kitchen Shrink fell in love with the traditional Andalusian chilled veggie soup the locals called Gazpacho. This liquid salad mélange of ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, … Read More

China’s Toxic Seafood Dilemma

By Dina Eliash Robinson China is in a double Catch-22 bind. The first set consists of, on one hand, the country’s huge export industry of farm-raised seafood (some 54 million tons last year alone) is … Read More

Tomato Cup

Returning from a business trip and finding her usually well-stocked refrigerator depleted, Smart Living Mama improvised this appetizer—filling and rich enough in vitamins, protein and enticing flavors to make a quick meal.Having inherited a flair … Read More

Intoxicating Seafood Martini

Launch your dinner party on a high note with this slightly liquored-up seafood cocktail. Dazzle your guests with tasty morsels of shellfish swimming in a spicy sauce enhanced with avocado and tomatoes. We suggest a … Read More

Recipe For Valentine’s Day Romance

By Catharine L. Kaufman – a.k.a. Your Kitchen Shrink Ladies of Venus and Martian Gents, if your hopes for this Valentine’s Day are at odds with those of your mates, focus on each other’s compatible … Read More

Lamb Stew

In Mesopotamia, lamb first became domesticated by the early Semitic peoples. Ten thousand years ago lamb was used for religious sacrifices—a practice which continued during Biblical times. The Paschal lamb shank was served for Passover—and … Read More

Gobble Healthy Mardi Gras Goodies

By Catharine L. Kaufman – a.k.a. Your Kitchen Shrink People don’t give up their favorite foods easily.  That’s why even the most observant Christians look forward with certain trepidation to the 40 weekdays between Ash … Read More

Candidate Cuisine

By Catharine L. Kaufman — a.k.a. The Kitchen Shrink As election fever is heating up, and the California primary just around the corner, I thought I’d do a culinary survey of our main Democratic and … Read More