Healthy Food Activists Join Forces To Bring Their Claims And Concerns To Washington, D.C.

Short TakesDecember, 2014— Wellness Warrior Deborah Székely braved icy weather as she dragged her luggage through the Washington, D.C. slush to attend the meetings of Building Power: From Kitchen Tables to Capitol Hill.

As one of its grant-makers, Deborah participated in the organization’s inaugural policy briefing, sponsored by Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders and consisting of a number of grassroots groups gathered to support the healthy food movement by joining forces to help implement and enforce government policies that promote good nutrition and food safety through chemical-free growing practices.

In addition to its policy briefing, the event included a presentation of the 11-minute “Youth Food Revolution” trailer (produced and directed by Emmy®-winning filmmaker Ron Rudaitis); the joining of family farmers and rangers into a unified opposition against business activities that endanger the environment; and an organized effort to effectively use the participants’ power to move the dial away from obesity- and illness-causing junk food to healthier fare.

Delighted by the turnout and participants’ passion, Deborah Székely concludes her report with characteristic down to earth conclusion: “Healthy fresh food is one of the biggest movements of our day. We’re all Wellness Warriors in this fight to know that what we eat is organic, sustainable and just plain good for us.”Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 8.02.57 PM






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