Use Antibiotics Carefully To Benefit But Avoid Their Dangers.

Antibiotics are useful but not harmless. While they are effective against bacterial infections, they are useless against viruses and taken unnecessarily, can be harmful.

Differences between Viruses and Bacteria

Improperly used—and especially when dangerously over-used—antibiotics destroy not only the harmful bacteria, but along with it, the Good Bacteria which populates the gut—which is the locus and source of both the immune and digestive systems. Without that essential healthy ‘flora’ to help the body digest food and absorb its nutrients, both food and nutrients are purged (diarrhea, upset stomach) leaving it starved and with its immune system seriously weakened.

Remember: When illness strikes, make sure to find out whether the invader is bacterial or viral before taking antibiotics—for they are only effective against bacteria-caused infection, while not only useless against viruses but can be downright harmful. Ask the physician for reasons bacteria is suspected rather than viruses, before agreeing to take a prescribed antibiotic.

While many seasoned physicians either neglect to mention the following, or don’t think it necessary, we have been happy to find that more recently trained or better-informed physicians do instruct patients for whom the prescribe antibiotics to take the following precautions:

Note (1): While taking an antibiotic, avoid eating dairy. Luckily, there are plant-based substitutes for animal dairy (almond, oat, coconut milks; various tasty and similarly textured cheeses made of soy and other plant foods).

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