Why Giraffes?

by Dina Eliash Robinson

Giraffes were chosen to represent FreeRangers because of certain shared traits.
For example, just as giraffes reach to the very tops of acacia trees to pick out the cleanest, most tender leaves and shoots from among the needle-sharp thorns surrounding them, so do we, FreeRangers, go to great lengths to select the tastiest and healthiest morsels, while also making an effort to avoid the ‘thorns’ of processed, deep-fried, genetically engineered and additive-laden foods.
Another trait we emulate is the giraffe’s role as protector of its community. Its highrise body makes it an excellent lookout, able to alert others to approaching danger. Precisely what FreeRangeClub.com strives to do by keeping track of information and alerting consumers to the dangers of unhealthy foods.

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