Since this baked protein dish lends itself to improvisation in both flavors and textures to please a wide variety of taste buds, we decided to replace the traditional written recipe with photos showing most of the ingredients we used to create what turned out to be the most delicious salmon croquettes (i.e. patties) we have ever tasted.

Versatility: Whether the croquettes are made with canned wild Alaskan or fresh, wild-caught Atlantic or Norwegian salmon, when prepared with the ingredients depicted in the photos or listed below, their flavor and texture depend only on the amount and proportion of each ingredient in the mix.

Quantity and First Steps: Two cans of wild salmon (see photo) or two lbs. of fresh salmon (or cod) can produce 8-10 filling croquettes. Canned salmon needs to be drained of the water in which it is packed and broken down and blended by hand with the ingredients—while the fresh fish has to be run through the food processor first (with or without skin, your choice).

Binding Agents: Raw organic eggs—1, 2 or 3 depending on the quantity of the main (fish) ingredient—plus one or two slices of organic bread soaked with one cup of organic, extra virgin olive oil.

Finishing: Once the finished (blended) mass is fashioned into medium size croquettes, they have to be thoroughly coated (covered) with Italian herb-flavored (or other) organic breadcrumbs, which further protect t


Keep the patties from falling apart.

 Baking: A baking tray large enough to accommodate all the patties should be covered with a sheet of Parchment Paper, which should be brushed with a generous amount of olive oil. (Paper is discarded after baking—so no washing needed.) The croquettes to be arranged on the oiled parchment at half-inch or more distance from each other. About a half-cup of olive oil should be carefully drizzled on each patty. Oven needs to be pre-heated at 380 degrees before the tray is placed on middle rack. Croquettes should be flipped after 25 minutes and baked for another 10-15 minutes (or as needed when checked midway).

Hot or Cold: Croquettes can be eaten hot with quinoa, pasta or rice and-or vegetable side dishes; or cold with salad, in sandwiches, with condiments, etc.—and if preferred, lightly covered with salad dressing, mayonnaise or mustard.

List of Ingredients—quantities and proportions to taste:

xCanned salmon; or run through food processor: raw (wild caught) salmon or cod

  • 1-3 raw organic, whole eggs
  • Extra virgin organic olive oil
  • About a tablespoon of organic Worcestershire Sauce
  • Dry organic onion chips
  • Garlic powder–organic
  • Ginger—organic, powdered
  • Dry organic parsley
  • Dry organic basil
  • Dry organic dill weed
  • Red sweet organic Paprika
  • Cayenne pepper—organic
  • Lemon juice—organic, fresh-squeezed (half or more cup)
  • Turmeric—powdered, organic
  • Organic bread—1-2 slices (soaked in olive oil)
  • Bread crumbs—organic—for ‘crunch,’ rosy baked color, and to keep patties from falling apart: Italian Herb or plain flavored crumbs—fine texture or Panko








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