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The Movable Festa Of Aroma Cucina
by Dina Eliash Robinson

Ciao Dina,
Thanks so much for your interest in Aroma Cucina!. My wife, Jude, and I are honored to be part of the FreeRangeClub.com.

My discovery of the bi-continental Aroma Cucina while surfing the Internet for food sites and recipe ideas, turned out to be a case of mistaken identity—specifically, my mistake in thinking it was a restaurant. Not.

It is, instead, the original and unusual creation of Chef, food blogger and cooking guru Judith Klinger—with videographer, devotee of fine food and wine connoisseur Jeff Albucher’s able assistance and encouragement—a unique enterprise that truly deserves the definition of ‘movable feast (i.e. festa). Because Aroma Cucina operates in both Italy and the U.S. Or more precisely, Judith (or Jude as she is called by those who know her) does her personal chef-ing, cooking classes, writing and party planning during the warm months in Montone, a walled medieval village in Umbria, and moves her food magic act to New York City for the cooler entertaining season. A rather smart way to grow an international following—and a loyal one at that.

“We take care of our planet for future generations,” Jude and Jeff write, “We plant our garden, eat in season and don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

Gazpacho Soup

Having apparently taken a liking to the FreeRangeClub food and nutrition philosophy, Jude and Jeff were kind enough to send us their mouthwatering Kitchen Garden Gazpacho recipe to share with you. Since we did not want to tamper with perfection, we are running a link to the blog post that the recipe was in, without any changes —only with a heads-up about the salt included in the ingredients. (Herbs and spices substitute for salt in our own recipes, mainly to protect the health of people on low-sodium food plans.)

Here is more information about Aroma Cucina and its creative team

Buon appetito!

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